To meet the expectations of our customers, we are constantly expanding the range of control and measurement devices. Information about new solutions in the field of humidity, pressure and temperature measurement can be found in the tab below. We present the high-quality measuring equipment at our disposal at fairs and other industry events. We encourage you to follow the news from the life of Poltraf!


Pressure switch - a key device for controlling the pressure level in the system.

A pressure switch is a device that monitors the pressure in the system and automatically responds to changes in pressure, turning on or off devices depending on the set pressure thresholds. Pressure switches are widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems and other applications requiring pressure control.

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Poltraf conference on flow measurement - we invite you to Gdańsk on October 2-4, 2024!

We invite you to the conference "FLOW MEASUREMENT: CHALLENGES - TECHNOLOGIES - SOLUTIONS". This year's edition of the Poltraf conference will be held in Gdańsk on October 2-4, 2024.

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Water level probe in water treatment plants and sewage treatment plants

The water level probe is a key device that enables accurate monitoring of water levels in reservoirs, wells, rivers, etc. Water level control is important in various applications such as: monitoring of water resources, groundwater level control, management of sewage systems, agricultural irrigation , or in the context of safety (e.g. in the case of flood protection). Water level probes can also be used in alarm systems to report excessive or insufficient water levels. Thanks to them, you can take appropriate actions, such as starting pumps, warning about the risk of flooding or the need to replenish water resources.

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Happy Easter!

We wish all our Clients and Contractors a Happy Easter.

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New, lower price for the EPI pressure transmitter!

The EPI pressure transmitter from the Swiss manufacturer Trafag will be used in many industries, including the water supply and sewage industry and heating. The EPI pressure transducer is characterized by very good durability. It is equipped with a sensor made using thin film technology on steel, which, combined with the ASICTX processor, covers a wide temperature range up to 125°C. Now, a new, lower price applies for EPI with a pressure range of 0...6, 0...10 and 0...16 bar!

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New Partner – Systec Controls! New measuring devices in our offer!l

A German manufacturer - Systec Controls has joined our Partners. Systec Controls is a company with over 20 years of experience in the field of industrial flow measurement technologies. Thanks to this, our offer of flow measurement devices, which previously included electromagnetic flow meters and flow sensors, has been expanded to include ultrasonic flow meters - DeltawaveC.

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Hydrogen pressure transmitter - which one to choose?

A pressure transmitter is a commonly used device that converts the pressure value into an appropriate output signal. The signal from the pressure transmitter is read and forwarded to the control system. In times of shrinking fossil fuel resources, looking for alternative energy sources is a necessity. Hence the increasing popularity of hydrogen, which is the most common element in the Universe and one of the most common elements on Earth. However, not every pressure transmitter can be used to work with hydrogen. Why is it like that? Which sensor technology in the pressure transmitter is best for this medium? We answer these questions below.

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Our suppliers
and partners

We are a representative and distributor in Poland of the following brands:

  • Trafag AG

    since 1994

  • STS

    since 2004

  • Regin

    since 1997

  • Comac Cal

    since 2010

  • ION Science

    since 2009

  • In Situ

    since 2016

  • Systec Controls

    since 2023

  • Emerson Asco

    since 1994

  • Ode

    since 1994

  • Stiko

    since 2001