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Are you interested in purchasing pressure or temperature transmitters and other measuring devices offered by Poltraf? We are very pleased that our offer meets your expectations. Before placing an order, we encourage you to read the general terms of sale.



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General terms of sale Poltraf_2023

General terms of sale

Product catalogs and documentation



Brochure Wod-KAN_Poltraf 2023

equipment for the water supply and sewage industry

Brochure_Hydrogen Technology_2023

Devices for the hydrogen industry

Brochure_sensors and transmitters_REGIN_2023

sensors and transmitters_REGIN

Brochure_Regio RCF regulators_Regin_2023

room regulators _Regin

Brochure_valves and actuators_Regin_2023

valves and acuators_Regin

Brochure_Regin systems_2023

Regin systems


Poltraf_warranty form

warranty form

Our suppliers
and partners

We are a representative and distributor in Poland of the following brands:

  • Trafag AG

    since 1994

  • STS

    since 2004

  • Regin

    since 1997

  • Comac Cal

    since 2010

  • ION Science

    since 2009

  • In Situ

    since 2016

  • Zpua

    since 2010

  • Emerson Asco

    since 1994

  • Ode

    since 1994

  • Stiko

    since 2001