About us

Poltraf is innovation

The Poltraf company distributes control and measurement equipment from renowned manufacturers. The beginnings of our activity on the market date back to 1994.

We are a well-known and respected supplier of devices for humidity measurement, level measurement, pressure and temperature measurement. We offer a wide range of thermostats, thermometers, temperature and pressure transmitters, hydrostatic probes and a number of other control devices, including those for potentially explosive areas (ATEX).

We operate throughout Poland

We operate throughout Poland

The headquarters of the company is located in Gdańsk, and the range of operations covers the territory of the entire country.

The distance does not matter - our sales representatives are at your disposal throughout the country. We also have an extensive service network throughout Poland, thanks to which we can provide support to our customers throughout the life of our devices.

Our suppliers
and partners

We are a representative and distributor in Poland of the following brands:

  • Trafag AG

    since 1994

  • STS

    since 2004

  • Regin

    since 1997

  • Comac Cal

    since 2010

  • ION Science

    since 2009

  • In Situ

    since 2016

  • Systec Controls

    since 2023

  • Emerson Asco

    since 1994

  • Ode

    since 1994

  • Stiko

    since 2001

Poltraf is support at every stage

Consulting and selection of devices

One of our specialties is the selection of control and measurement devices for difficult applications in the shipbuilding, chemical, petrochemical and refining industries.

Delivery of control and measurement equipment

We provide services in the field of supply of control and measurement equipment to almost all branches of heavy and light industry, energy and processing, as well as heating, air conditioning and ventilation.

Service and after-sales support

Service and after-sales support are our specialty.

  • Pressure, level, temperature and humidity sensors
  • Temperature sensors and thermocouples
  • Bimetallic and gas thermometers and pressure gauges
  • Gas leak detectors as well as portable SF6 gas leak detectors
  • Unique SF6 sulfur hexafluoride density sensors
  • Solenoid and pneumatic valves
  • High-quality devices for industrial automation systems, heating, as well as air conditioning and ventilation
  • Analog regulators, regulating valves, actuators
  • Pressure switches, thermostats, pressure, temperature and humidity transmitters
  • Float sensors and level probes