ED-RU Room unit

ED-RU Room unit

External room units intended for temperature control

ED-RU External room unit

The ED-RU range enables temperature adjustments, for example of air handling units. They can be used together with a Regin system controller, where the setup must be done with Regin's tool for free programmable controllers. Perform basic controller configuration, or let the person in the room control the room's HVAC behaviour, via a connected ED-RU... room unit. Choose from a large selection of room units that fit your specific needs.


Depending on which features one prefers for the handling of the unit, there is a number of different options such as CO₂ control, backlit touch display, 3-step fan control, setpoint knob etc. All units have a built-in temperature sensor.

Main features:

  • A variation of units with different features
  • Built-in room sensor
  • Range up to 300 m
  • Design suitable for all environments


Protection class IP20
Working temperature 0...50 °C
Humidity Max. 90 % RH
Supply voltage 18...30 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Mounting Wall
Manufacturer Regin

Standard executions

Name Occupancy button 3-step fan control Setpoint knob
Więcej ED-RU - - YES
Więcej ED-RU-O YES - YES Buy in the store
Więcej ED-RU-F - YES YES
Więcej ED-RU-FO YES YES YES Buy in the store
Więcej ED-RU-DO YES - - Buy in the store
Więcej ED-RU-DFO YES YES - Buy in the store
Więcej ED-RU-DOS YES - - Buy in the store
Multifunction button, Display
Więcej ED-RU-DOCS YES - -
Built-in CO2 sensor, Display
Więcej ED-RU-H - - -
Hidden setpoint

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