EC-PU4 EXOclever controller

EC-PU4 EXOclever controller

Processor unit with 4 communication ports

EC-PU4 central processor unit in the EXOclever controller series

EXOclever is a series of freely programmable controllers of modular design, which makes it easy to increase the capacity and and add more functions.

EXOclever is programmed from EXOdesigner and visualised in EXOscada.

Areas of application

EXOclever is primarily intended for use in installations with a large number of I/O:s and high demands on communication and adaptability.

EXOclever can be used either as a stand-alone unit or together with other EXO products as part of a larger automation system.

Main features:

  • Scalable and flexible units
  • The ideal solution for large systems
  • Based on EXOrealC
  • Compatible with EXOflex and other products in the EXO range


Supply voltage 24 V AC 50…60 Hz or 24 V DC
Protection class IP20
Mounting DIN-rail
Ambient temperature 0…55°C
Humidity Max. 95 % RH
Manufacturer Regin

Documents to download

EC-PU4 EXOclever controller

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