E3-DSP External display unit

E3-DSP External display unit

External display unit for third generation controllers

E3-DSP External display unit for third generation controllers

E3-DSP is a stand-alone display and configuration unit intended for connection to a third generation EXOcom¬pact or Corrigo E. It is available with or without a connec¬tion cable.

E3-DSP has a backlit display with 4 rows of 20 characters each. The display light is normally dimmed but is activated when a button is depressed. The display light will be dimmed again after a period of inactivity.

E3-DSP can be connected to a controller with a built-in display, enabling both displays to be used simultaneously.

Main features:

  • Can be used with third generation Corrigo E or EXOcompact
  • Possible distance up to 100 m between controller and display unit
  • Internal and external display can be used simultaneously
  • Casing designer for mounting on wall, device box or cabinet front


Protection class IP30
Manufacturer Regin

Documents to download

E3-DSP External display unit

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